12 months ago

Build details

Forgot to put my build in here. Going to the range this Sunday, can't wait. It weighs in at 10.8 lbs with an unloaded mag as pictured. 

-Tactical Machining TM-10 lower

-Tactical Machining LPK

-Phase 5 EBR

-BADASS ambi safety

-Raddlock bullet button

-Magpul MIAD, UBR, LR 20 pmags

-DPMS upper receiver with chrome DPMS BCG

-Rainier Arms select 18" barrel 

-SWFA SD 16x42 scope mounted in ADM Recon X 20moa mount

Future upgrades (summertime):

-Gisselle trigger

-Troy, Apex, or JP Free float

-Battlecomp BABC

-a good bipod.


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