12 months ago

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Not really a build, but a modification.

Remington R-25 

Changed to;

DPMS Carbine tube and buffer

Magpul MIAD grip

Magpul CTR Stock

Phase5 V2 Bolt release (Works like the Magpul BAD lever but is one piece)

Blackhawk 9"-12" pivoting Bipod

BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Large Charging Handle

Leupold 3x9 Mark 2 Scope with Larue LT 104 QD Mount

Just finished it today with the arrival of the Phase 5

I have it zeroed at 200 and cant wait until next month when I see how it does in some target events.

I haven't seen many R-25's and i'm sure fewer will look like this one.


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