Golden Anniversary

3 years ago

Build details

This custom rifle is a "milestone" rifle for me as it is my 1,000th custom 10/22 I have built. It also comes in conjunction with Ruger's 50th anniversary of the 10/22 which was released in 1964. To say that this rifle is "special" is an understatement!

It was listed for sale nationally on several websites so that anyone would have the opportunity to purchase this special build. A long time customer and collector of my customs - C. Lake from FL - purchased it. Made me a damn happy camper for him to get it!

I had two ways to go with this one - either a totally "off-the-wall", out of the box weapon OR a more conventional design that would appeal more to the masses. Over the past six months I have queried collectors of my rifles and prior customers concerning which direction to go. The decision was to stay more conventional in design but add enough one-off parts and features to the build to keep it truly unique.

Because the 50th anniversary is the "Golden" anniversary, the theme and title of this rifle pays homage to that. The refinished series #1 receiver and milled, jeweled/etched bolt are from my friend Red Mist Maker.

The features of this rifle are: Ruger rare and collectible 1st series ('64-'70) receiver refinished; varmint/sporter thumb-hole stock from Boyd's; 18" .920 match threaded barrel from WhistlePig; custom forward blow compensator/stabilizer by WPGBC; Heier/Red Mist custom logo extended bolt handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen, Power Custom & Heier internals, QualTac lever magazine release and Tactical Inc. billet trigger; custom billet scope base by QualTac; Leupold billet rings; Mueller 4.5-14x40AO target scope with 3" sun shade; Heier Turcite-X buffer; Plano SE hard case; one ten round factory magazine.

The custom gold anodizing on this rifle was performed by my friends at Gun Candy. The custom gold color and polished finish were done flawlessly for this project. The billet bolt handle, compensator, mag release, trigger and sun shade were all done in this custom gold finish. The receiver is also engraved with my company name and the number 1,000. This is the first and only rifle to be so engraved in over 47 years. As with all my customs it comes with a signed and dated spec sheet and a written guarantee that it will never be duplicated.

The rifle weighs a mere 6 lbs. 4 oz., has a 13 3/4" LOP and is 38 1/4" in total length. The balance point is exactly at the magazine well and the "head's-up" shooting position is absolutely excellent.


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