3 years ago

Build details

This is a 20 Gauge Remington 870 Pistol-Grip Only (PGO) Shotgun with a 13" bead-sight, open-choke barrel and 4+1 capacity. As the overall-length of the gun is 26.25", the gun is classified as a "firearm" by the BATFE, not a Short-Barrel Shotgun or Any-Other-Weapon. As a "firearm" it transfers over-the-counter via an ATF Form 4473, just like any other Title 1, non-NFA Firearm. The gun has also been upgraded with a non-MIM Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor, and a Vang Comp, Big Speed Safety to improve handling.

 Some people has inquired as to the price difference between our 12 Gauge PGOs and this 20 Gauge PGOs. This stems from us being able to order complete factory 12 Gauge 870s without a stock, which we can use to build the 12 Gauge PGOs out of (due to a quick in the law, PGOs and AOWs cannot be built out of a "shotgun" receiver). However for the 20 Gauge PGOs, we have to custom order "virgin" receivers from Remington, which have never been built into a "shotgun". Once we have those, we have to use another complete 870 to take the parts off to use on the PGO, in addition to getting the non-standard bead-sight barrels. So the 20 Gauge PGOs have to be built from essentially 2 different guns, which dramatically increases the cost of manufacturing these guns. Additionally, as we are assembling new firearms, we have to pay a 10% excise tax on these firearms.


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