Tikka T3 SA DBM

Tikka T3 SA DBM

CDiPrecision Gunworks DBM (detachable bottom metal) is a popular choice for owners of rifles with blind magazines, who would like to incorporate a removable, external magazine to their rifle. CDiPrecision DBM features a one-piece, trigger guard /magazine well configuration. They are compatible with AICS magazines (short- long-, and magnum action lengths) and their clones.

CDiPrecision DBM is available for the following actions:

Howa 1500 long and short action

Kimber 8400 long and short action

Mauser 98

Remington 700 (and clones) long and short action

Remington Model 7

Savage 10 and 110 (stagger-/center-feed)

Tikka T3 and T3x long and short action

Additionally, DBM is available for post-64 FN/Winchester actions, Tikka 595, and Ruger M77 (Mk-I, Mk-II, and Hawekeye). To order DBM for one of these actions, contact out customer service representatives.

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