Norinco CQ-A rifle tuning.

2 years ago

In this article, I will give you a detailed description of my Norinco CQ-A carbine tuning (the M4 carbine Chinese clone with 5,56х45 caliber).  

This tuning was made for participation in practical shooting competitions (and other varieties of dynamic shooting) in Open class. It’s obvious, that it will be useful during the hunt. I make a notice at ones, that there are many opinions concerning carbine changing, what has to be replaced and what is going to stay. 

Therefore, I’m not claiming to be in possession of the absolute truth and give you only my point of view on this matter. Also, I would like to add that the main parts were not changed, so the tuning doesn’t break any law.

Of course, you can fire it without any tuning but if you have a desire to improve your sports results (even as an amateur) and especially in Open class, you will definitely need appropriate modifications and additional improvements. 

Firstly, I decided to change an authorized flash hider to a valid muzzle brake compensator (MBC) to decrease a recoil and compensate muzzle tossing. This is necessary to accelerate the destruction of targets by two shots - you can make a split much faster at short distances. There are plenty of MBC for AR-like. Here the most popular MBCs are Jerry Miculek, Arredondo, SJC Titan, etc. I chose a SJC .223 Titan, it was suggested by my colleague but if I had a chance I would have tested them all one by one.  

Also, to make a recoil softer I set a carbine heavy buffer into the receiver extension. Speaking subjective - it works!

Every dynamic system requires speed and fire accuracy, the best solution for this purpose is collimator sight. For shooting at long distances you gonna need an optical sight (preferably with variable multiplicity) and bipods which allow shooting on 150-300m. In the beginning, I decided not to bother about the optic.   

I chose the collimator that has been tasted through the years - EOTech XPS2-0. In general, I had 5 sights of this trademark (511, 512, 551, XPS2-0 и XPS3-0). Though there were a lot of complaints about these sights lately, I believe that comparing to the collimators Aimpoint, Trijicon, Docter and etc., my choice is pretty decent.

A protective metal case I took off for weight lightening and to improve visibility and I use a detachable neoprene cover for the sight protection. I demounted the removable carrying handle for good. 

Since 300m shooting was included into the competitions, I understood that I desperately needed an optic. That’s why I set an optic sight with variable multiplicity - Nicon Monarh III (M3) 1-4?20.