Fail Safe Angle Sights

Fail Safe Angle Sights

Griffin Fail Safe sights are fully adjustable from the rear housing with no tools. This does two things for the user. You don't have to scrape your elbows up in the prone to make front sight adjustments, and it keeps the billet front post perfectly in the center of the HK style loop for an extremely fast target acquisition. The flush mounted coin slot windage wont be inadvertently adjusted out of zero, and the elevation aperture is finger adjustable in 180 degree rotations for tool-less function and ease.

The Fail Safe front sight has a lobed geometry to accommodate military lasers mounted in the 12 o'clock position. 

Combat apertures are typically too large to get a decent sight picture unless firing at an extremely close range. Likewise the common 300m apertures are too small and slow for mid range work where most of the engagements on the battlefield are taking place. Our aperture size is between a combat and 300 meter aperture making it extremely fast, yet accurate for close to mid range work. Transitions with pinpoint accuracy on targets from point blank out to 300 meters are instantaneous with the Fail Safe sight picture.

Billet Machined 6061 T6 housings

Type III Hardcoat Mil-Spec Anodizing

17-4 PH stainless steel internals parts

Fully Adjustable Rear with no tools required

Fully Shielded front sight post protects against damage from hard use.

Machined front post in dead center of sight provides rapid acquisition every time.

Same Cheek weld as standard sights in 12 o'clock plane for rapid transition.

Coin Slot Flush windage will not get inadvertently moved out of zero.

Rear Aperture perfectly sized for rapid yet accurate target acquisition.

Lobed front sight to accommodate military IR lasers

Picatinny / Weaver Compatible

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