Diablo 7inch AR-15/M-16 upper

Diablo 7inch AR-15/M-16 upper

The Diablo is Primary Weapon Systems answer to the 7inch AR-15/M-16 series upper. Rather than simply bolting on an existing product and calling it revolutionary, PWS stepped back and designed a system from the ground up to work specifically with the extreme pressures of the 7 inch barrels. Starting with the barrel and after careful research, PWS decided on a 7 inch (not 7.5 inch) stainless steel polygonal bore barrel with a 1:8 twist. Low profile Quad rails are attached to give the most possible room for accessories.

The Diablo utilizes a long stroke piston system for additional dwell time and smooth recoil; the system is rounded out with the new CQB Comp from PWS - a comp designed for short barrels that compensates, suppresses flash and directs all the blast forward. Simply put, the Diablo Upper was designed for those in harms way and built with operational requirements call for a small package with a lot of punch in mind.

Not only is the PWS Diablo set made and redesigned to fit on your AEG by MadBull Airsoft, but the PWS Diablo is fully licensed by PWS of Boise, ID. The PWS Diablo is CNC milled from high strength aircraft grade aluminum and features integral QD sling-swivel sockets located in 3 positions on the PWS upper body mount, the MadBull PWS Diablo is undoubtedly the best compact and solid package for a CQB mod ever!

This fine looking front set comes complete with the following bits: 

4x 7inch Low Profile Rails.

PWS Upper Body Mount.

PWS Barrel.

Dummy Piston Rod.

Barrel Nut.

Gas Block.


7x Socket Head Bolts.

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