10.5" CHF Barrel, 5.56 NATO, 1/7


FN America Cold Hammer Forged Midlength Lightweight AR-15 10.5" NATO Barrel, Light Profile

Introducing FN America's legendary Hammer Forged 16" Barrel. This Lightweight 10.5" CHF barrel is produced by FN, utilizing their proprietary HF process. These Mil Spec Barrels are built with the same barrel material as the M240 and M249 Saw light machine guns used by our military. Designed to withstand a tremendous round count before showing any sign of wear. FN M240/249 barrel material is reinforced with a Hard Chrome Lined bore that is twice as thick as ordinary Mil Spec chrome lined barrels. The hammer forge process, combined with the double chrome lined bore, produces a barrel that has over a 20,000 round count service life! 

This proprietary lightweight profile is the perfect compromise between thicker barrels and "pencil barrels". It's stout enough to instill confidence, but light enough to give your rifle the perfect balance. The Hammer Forge process gives the barrel a stronger crystalline structure, which increases rigidity of the barrel. The increased strength of this CHF lightweight barrel will allow more accurate shot groups, even when the barrel heats up. 

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