Modular M Series AR-15/M16 13"

Modular M Series  AR-15/M16 13

The philosophy of the JP Modular Hand Guard System has always been "rail where you want them, not where you don't," because our years of experience have shown that a typical shooter only needs one or two sections of rail, strategically positioned, to meet his or her needs. Still, despite the lighter weight (20% lighter than standard tubes) and ergonomic comfort of our design, many of our competitors if they haven't followed our lead continue putting out heavy, bulky quad-rail systems that don't even allow for accessories installed at the 45° positions.

Our signature hand guard design is the coolest running tube on the market and features our unique dual-nut design proven to offer high rigidity while maintaining cosmetic appeal. With tubes available in standard rifle, extra long, mid- and carbine lengths, this system is primed to meet any need, and thanks to our unique eccentric nut design, even .308 rifles can utilize the same convenient 2" diameter tubes as a .223.

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