Vepr 12

The Vepr-12 is a multipurpose semi-automatic detachable-magazine shotgun, produced by Molot-Oruzhie Ltd. It is patterned after the original Kalashnikov rifle and built on the heavier RPK light machine gun receiver.

The Vepr-12 was conceived for the Russian military and law enforcement market, with civilian applications ranging from hunting to self-defense and competition use. In particular, the shotgun has carved out a niche among IPSC competition shooters, one of the Vepr-12's target audiences. With its fixed open port gas system, the Vepr-12 can effectively cycle a multitude of 12-gauge loads, making it a highly versatile semi-automatic shotgun. Much like its cousin the Saiga-12, the Vepr-12 is ideal for clay shooting, with appropriate optics.