Tikka T1X

  • I know they are not out yet, but rather I'm anticipating getting the points of interest on it. Perhaps the 455 has a little rivalry. You might not have a barrel that is super simple to supplant, yet MAYBE the barrels on these will be on a par with Tikka's centerfire rifles and refute the need to supplant it. None the less I'm anticipating it! 

    Post up any genuine intel you may have!!

    CCstrike, 4 years ago
  • Hope there is love for the lefties

    silenceman, 4 years ago
  • Can't have a string without photographs

    booster, 4 years ago
  • Good to hear!!!! I didn't know about this!!!!

    Shack_spear, 4 years ago
  • WOW!!! My Tikka T3x is a shooter and I adore the smooth jolt activity. Unquestionably can hardly wait for this to turn out.

    T1000, 4 years ago
  • I needn't bother with another Tikka, I needn't bother with another Tikka, I needn't bother with another Tikka. 

    Damn. I was simply beginning my investigation into a jolt .22 for my next buy. In the event that these end up being a hammer dunk, seems as though I'm getting another Tikka. 

    RocketsWar, 4 years ago
  • I simply burned through $400 overhauling my 10/22 to be more precise and sufficiently customizable that my little girl and I could shoot it. On the off chance that this Tikka is in the same class as everything else they make, I'm going to be ticked that I burned through all on that on a 10/22.

    hunter714, 4 years ago
  • Massoud

    Alright KRG, Let's see if you can crank out a Bravo chassis for these so I don't have to wait once I get my T1X

    eagleUS, 4 years ago
  • Spot on Wareagle...

    CCstrike, 4 years ago
  • Just the ticket for me to play with 17hmr again!

    Morfius99, 4 years ago