2 Colt/Noveske SBR's

2 years ago

Build details

Both identical in almost every way.

Colt upper and lower receivers

Colt bolts and bolt carrier groups

Colt H2 and H3 buffers

Stock Colt trigger groups

10.5' Noveske N4 barrels

PRI Gasbuster charging handles

Both setup for Surefire suppressor use

Surefire X300's mounted at 12:00

Magpul ASAP's, MS2's, Miads, and triggerguards

Daniels Defense Mk18 rails

Daniels Defense 1.5 rear sights and front sights(not shown)

LMT SOPMOD stocks with Vltor receiver extensions

Tangodown stubby foregrips

Aimpoint T1's in Larue tall mounts 


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