2 years ago

Build details

* The rail is 13" Geissele MK1.

* Barrel is 14.5 Colt SOCOM, cut to 14" ( this softens recoils slightly and is also more aesthetically pleasing ).

* Surefire SF3P or Warcomp ( I built two of these, one each ).

* H2 buffer with Sprinco Blue spring.

* Geissele SSA-E trigger.

* ERGO Sure Grip pistol grip ( AR-15 model ).

* The surefire light mount is S&S Precision IFM RIGID 3V ( this mount has the lowest profile I can find, and I have bought and tried pretty much everything that is commercially available ).

* B5 SOCOM SOPMOD stock ( real deal mil issue, no QD mount, so I can run 550 cord attachment loop, much quieter than QD ).

* Aimpoint T2 with Wilcox Flip Mount for 3X magnifier ( much easier to mount ).

* Viking Tactics sling.

* Manta Defense switch pocket for the Surefire switch. USMC issue for HK416 ( M27 ).

The black thing underneath the rail ( 6 o'clock ) is the tripod mount.

Owned by Ihcnehc.


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