2 years ago
Boba Fett v2

Build details

Originally a KAC 11.5" SR30 Mod 1 upper receiver that was cut down to 9".

The gas port was opened slightly and the rail was swapped to the 8" URX 3.1

KAC SR30 lower receiver

MVB ARC PDW Stock (original gen 1) w/ H3 equivalent buffer 

KAC 200-600 rear BUIS (now has a KAC 300m rear BUIS)

Aimpoint CompM4s w/ extended spacer (now has a Aimpoint T2 mounted on a KAC/RB-1 high-rise mount)

Gear Sector fore-grip

Gear Sector Surefire Scout 45 degree offset mount w/ Surefire Mini-Scout equipped with DS tail cap and IR+WL head (now has a Haley Strategic Thorntail SBR extended mount with a Surefire M600IB, which required shimming to account for the bulk of the DS tail cap)

KAC front sight (P/N: 99051) reverse mounted

Saker 762 suppressor

Owned by Boba Fett v2.


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