Spikes Tactical ST15

2 years ago

Build details

Hogue grip, Noveske QD End Plate Adapter, AAC Advanced Armament Corp complete 9" Upper .300blk

Damage Industries Carbon Silicon Buffer Spring, H2 Heavy Buffer 4.6 ounces (per AAC recommendation)

Spikes Tactical ST15-Jolly Roger (Pirate) stripped lower

RRA LPK with 2 Stage NM trigger

Jolly Roger engraved Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

NFA Engraving Williams & Sons Engraving

ATF Stamp for SBR lower

Molon Labe dust cover "300 AAC BLACKOUT - 300"

Kac rail set, KNS Anti Rotate .154 set

MBUS sights

Cheap fieldsport red dot with burris tripler (since upgraded to romeo 5 dual reticle)

I run an Omega suppressor on it. 

Owned by RWA007   


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