Mega 308 rifle

1 year ago

Build details

Mega Ma-Ten matched set from T&A Armory

A2 stock 308 set from Midway

RRA lpk with 2 stage trigger from Eagle Armory

DPMS Ambi safety and DPMS 308 bolt catch Midway

JD Machine tech-free float tube in 14" with one rail section.

Cheapo bipod (off my .22lr) for now. (It sucks, saving for harris)

18" rifle length barrel and BCG from Black hole weaponry

Nikon 6-18x40 Buckmaster Midway

Hammer Head grip Exile machining (cut down, but can not get a pistol style grasp).

My custom grip that screws to the hammer head grip

Dark Metal Design compensator

YHM clamp on gas block


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