Tikka Tac A1

2 years ago

Build details

So here is my build. Tikka Tac A1, spuhr 4602, Nightforce Mil C, Hoptic Quiver, Thunderbeast brake, Harris 9-12 notched swivel, Hawkhill dope. I am running Lapua Brass, 140 Amax (yes I still have 6k) 43Grains H4350. I seriously shot a 3 shot group today, that measured .054. It shot two more groups in the teens. These where shot off a bench, zero wind, 75 degrees, with a Gamechanger rear bag. My AI and TRG42, typically shoot in the .3-.35 range. This gun is sick. This gun had a two-round sight in and then that group was shot.


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