2 years ago

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The lower is a DPMS st. cloud unit with a JP trigger.

The upper is a non cataloged item that DPMS made in limited quantities, their first .22LR, several years before .22 uppers became commonly found from manufacturers and different from the later DPMS offering in .22LR. It's based on the Colt .22 conversion kit that you used to see back in the day, that slid into an existing .223 upper, and though it functioned well, had dismal accuracy because it used the existing .223 barrel.

DPMS made this upper using that conversion unit mated up with a dedicated .22LR stainless match barrel with the correct 1-16 twist. They work extremely well if you ever find another one. DPMS had to quit making them when the colt conversion unit and magazine that was the heart of it, was discontinued by Colt. The later DPMS .22's are a different beast. 


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