CZ 455 Varmint

3 years ago

Build details

I'm posting a picture of my 455 barrel block Frankenstock.

It's a (F)irearm (U)tilizing (G)lued (L)inear (I)ntegral (E)mbedding.

That's right, it's the CZ 455 FUGLIE.

The action is free floated, not the barrel.

What you see is a CZ 455 action, CZ set trigger,

22wmr Varmint barrel epoxied into a barrel block

with a Mueller 8-32x44 side focus target reticle scope

in a couple bucks worth of scrap lumber

and 99 cents worth of rattle can black paint.

Or maybe you'd prefer the match grade version of the FUGLIE

That's a Lilja 17 hmr embedded in a barrel block


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