Remington Enhanced 1911 r1

2 years ago

Build details

The first thing I did before I ever shot it was to install and tune a 9mm extractor to replace the .45 one that Remington put in my 9mm pistol. I added a S/A magwell to relpace the plastic MSH that came on it. Reshaped the horrible stock thumb safety. Fitted a square bottom oversized firing pin block and reduced required grip safety travel. The stock rear sight had to go, I replaced it with a 10-8 that gave me the point of impact that I was looking for. The barrel bushing was way to shiny so I blasted it with aluminum oxide to give it a matt finish The front was sharp as a meat hook so I reshaped it. Polished the internals and made the flat trigger from the stock one. I just finished the grips using walnut that was milled over 50 years ago.

I have well over 2,000 rounds through it with 1 failure to extract. 99% of what I have shot through it have been my reloads, but it also runs well on aluminum and factory ball. It eats from every magazine I've tried without a problem.

Owned by Quiet-Matt  

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