Radian AR-15

2 years ago

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Radian Weapons lower receiver and upper/handguard combo set, 17" (Suppressor optimized Raptor CH, talon selector, and take down pins, FA and port door are all included with receiver sets) Ballistic Advantage 18" fluted SPR profile barrel, Satin finish stainless steel, chambered in .223 Wylde. 28 oz. and guaranteed 1 MOA! Salient Arms lo-pro gas block Nitrided gas tube Geissele Super Semi-Automatic trigger Magpul UBR stock (includes rifle length buffer tube) JP polished buffer spring, standard Carbine buffer (H-1) BCM Mod 3 grip KAC offset iron sights replaced the MBUS Pros Muzzle device is Griffin Armament 5.56 Taper Mount Flash-Comp Can is Griffin Armament Alpha .30 cal suppressor (since renamed Paladin) Optic will be a Geissele Super Precision mount.

Owned by Joelski


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